UEFA Europa League 2022-23 fixtures dates, time and venue - League of Champions

The UEFA Europa League, formerly the UEFA Cup the League of Champions, is an annual football club competition organized since the year 1971 by the Union of European Football Associations [UEFA] for qualified European football clubs. This is the second-tier football tournament of European club football, ranking below the UEFA Champions League but above the UEFA Europa Conference League. The UEFA Cup was the third tier before the suspension of the European Cup Winners' Cup from 1971 to 1999, and is still often referred to as "C3". Clubs qualify based on their performance in national leagues and cup competitions.

League of Champions
It was introduced in 1971 as the UEFA Cup, replacing the Inter-City Fairs Cup. In 1999, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was merged with the UEFA Cup and is no longer a separate event. From 2004-2005 season, a group stage was added before the elimination tournament. Since 2009-2010 The season competition is called the Europa League after a change in format. The 2009 rebrand included a merger with the UEFA Intertoto Cup, an expansion of the competition format, an expansion of the group stage and changes to the qualification criteria. The winners of the Europa League qualify for the UEFA Super Cup and from 2014-2015 season, qualifies for next season's UEFA Champions League and enters the group stage.

UEFA Champions League 2022-23 Fixtures

Complete UEFA Europa League 2022-23 fixtures dates, time and venue. Total of 96 matches are schedule to play between 06 September 2022 and 03 November 2022.

League of Champions


Date & Time




108 Sep 2022 17:45Zurich vs ArsenalAKybunpark
208 Sep 2022 17:45PSV vs Bodo-GlimtAPSV Stadion
308 Sep 2022 17:45AEK Larnaca vs RennesBAEK Arena
408 Sep 2022 17:45Fenerbahce vs Dynamo KyivBÜlker Stadium
508 Sep 2022 17:45Ludogorets vs RomaCLudogorets Arena
608 Sep 2022 17:45HJK vs BetisCHelsinki Stadium
708 Sep 2022 17:45Malmo vs BragaDMalmo New Stadium
808 Sep 2022 17:45Union Berlin vs St GilloiseDAlte Försterei
908 Sep 2022 20:00Lazio vs FeyenoordFStadio Olimpico
1008 Sep 2022 20:00Sturm vs MidtjyllandFStadion Graz Liebenau
1108 Sep 2022 20:00Man United vs Real SociedadEOld Trafford
1208 Sep 2022 20:00Omonoia vs SheriffEGSP
1308 Sep 2022 20:00Nantes vs OlympiacosGStade de la Beaujoire
1408 Sep 2022 20:00Freiburg vs QarabagGSchwarzwald-Stadion
1508 Sep 2022 20:00Crvena zvezda vs MonacoHStadion Rajko Mitic
1608 Sep 2022 20:00Ferencvárosi vs TrabzonsporHFerencvárosi Stadion
1715 Sep 2022 17:45Midtjylland vs LazioFArena Herning
1815 Sep 2022 17:45Feyenoord vs SturmFStadion Feijenoord
1915 Sep 2022 17:45Sheriff vs Man UnitedEStadionul Zimbru
2015 Sep 2022 17:45Real Sociedad vs OmonoiaEEstadio de Anoeta
2115 Sep 2022 17:45Olympiacos vs FreiburgGGeorgios Karaiskakis
2215 Sep 2022 17:45Qarabag vs NantesGTofiq Bahramov adina
2315 Sep 2022 17:45Trabzonspor vs Crvena zvezdaHSenol Gunes Spor
2415 Sep 2022 17:45Monaco vs FerencvárosiHStade Louis II
2515 Sep 2022 20:00Arsenal vs PSVAEmirates Stadium
2615 Sep 2022 20:00Bodo-Glimt vs ZurichAAspmyra
2715 Sep 2022 20:00Dynamo Kyiv vs AEK LarnacaBCracovia Stadium
2815 Sep 2022 20:00Rennes vs FenerbahceBRoazhon Park
2915 Sep 2022 20:00Betis vs LudogoretsCEstadio Benito
3015 Sep 2022 20:00Roma vs HJKCStadio Olimpico
3115 Sep 2022 20:00St Gilloise vs MalmoDDen Dreef
3215 Sep 2022 20:00Braga vs Union BerlinDMunicipal de Braga
3306 Oct 2022 17:45Sturm vs LazioFStadion Graz Liebenau
3406 Oct 2022 17:45Sheriff vs Real SociedadEStadionul Zimbru
3506 Oct 2022 17:45Omonoia vs Man UnitedEGSP
3606 Oct 2022 17:45Zurich vs PSVAStadion Letzigrund
3706 Oct 2022 17:45HJK vs LudogoretsCHelsinki Stadium
3806 Oct 2022 17:45Malmo vs Union BerlinDMalmo New Stadium
3906 Oct 2022 17:45Crvena zvezda vs FerencvárosiHStadion Rajko Mitic
4006 Oct 2022 17:45Monaco vs TrabzonsporHStade Louis II
4106 Oct 2022 20:00Midtjylland vs FeyenoordFArena Herning
4206 Oct 2022 20:00Arsenal vs Bodo-GlimtAEmirates Stadium
4306 Oct 2022 20:00Rennes vs Dynamo KyivBRoazhon Park
4406 Oct 2022 20:00Fenerbahce vs AEK LarnacaBÜlker Stadium
4506 Oct 2022 20:00Roma vs BetisCStadio Olimpico
4606 Oct 2022 20:00Braga vs St GilloiseDMunicipal de Braga
4706 Oct 2022 20:00Olympiacos vs QarabagGGeorgios Karaiskakis
4806 Oct 2022 20:00Freiburg vs NantesGSchwarzwald-Stadion
4913 Oct 2022 17:45Feyenoord vs MidtjyllandFStadion Feijenoord
5013 Oct 2022 17:45Bodo-Glimt vs ArsenalAAspmyra
5113 Oct 2022 17:45Dynamo Kyiv vs RennesBCracovia Stadium
5213 Oct 2022 17:45AEK Larnaca vs FenerbahceBAEK Arena
5313 Oct 2022 17:45Betis vs RomaCEstadio Benito
5413 Oct 2022 17:45St Gilloise vs BragaDDen Dreef
5513 Oct 2022 17:45Nantes vs FreiburgGStade de la Beaujoire
5613 Oct 2022 17:45Qarabag vs OlympiacosGTofiq Bahramov adina
5713 Oct 2022 20:00Lazio vs SturmFStadio Olimpico
5813 Oct 2022 20:00Man United vs OmonoiaEOld Trafford
5913 Oct 2022 20:00Real Sociedad vs SheriffEEstadio de Anoeta
6013 Oct 2022 20:00PSV vs ZurichAPSV Stadion
6113 Oct 2022 20:00Ludogorets vs HJKCLudogorets Arena
6213 Oct 2022 20:00Union Berlin vs MalmoDAlte Försterei
6313 Oct 2022 20:00Trabzonspor vs MonacoHSenol Gunes Spor
6413 Oct 2022 20:00Ferencvárosi vs Crvena zvezdaHFerencvárosi Stadion
6527 Oct 2022 17:45Lazio vs MidtjyllandFStadio Olimpico
6627 Oct 2022 17:45Zurich vs Bodo-GlimtAStadion Letzigrund
6727 Oct 2022 17:45PSV vs ArsenalAPSV Stadion
6827 Oct 2022 17:45Fenerbahce vs RennesBÜlker Stadium
6927 Oct 2022 17:45AEK Larnaca vs Dynamo KyivBAEK Arena
7027 Oct 2022 17:45Ludogorets vs BetisCLudogorets Arena
7127 Oct 2022 17:45Malmo vs St GilloiseDMalmo New Stadium
7227 Oct 2022 17:45Union Berlin vs BragaDAlte Försterei
7327 Oct 2022 20:00Sturm vs FeyenoordFStadion Graz Liebenau
7427 Oct 2022 20:00Man United vs SheriffEOld Trafford
7527 Oct 2022 20:00Omonoia vs Real SociedadEGSP
7627 Oct 2022 20:00HJK vs RomaCHelsinki Stadium
7727 Oct 2022 20:00Freiburg vs OlympiacosGSchwarzwald-Stadion
7827 Oct 2022 20:00Nantes vs QarabagGStade de la Beaujoire
7927 Oct 2022 20:00Crvena zvezda vs TrabzonsporHStadion Rajko Mitic
8027 Oct 2022 20:00Ferencvárosi vs MonacoHFerencvárosi Stadion
8103 Nov 2022 17:45Midtjylland vs SturmFArena Herning
8203 Nov 2022 17:45Feyenoord vs LazioFStadion Feijenoord
8303 Nov 2022 17:45Real Sociedad vs Man UnitedEEstadio de Anoeta
8403 Nov 2022 17:45Sheriff vs OmonoiaEStadionul Zimbru
8503 Nov 2022 17:45Qarabag vs FreiburgGTofiq Bahramov adina
8603 Nov 2022 17:45Olympiacos vs NantesGGeorgios Karaiskakis
8703 Nov 2022 17:45Trabzonspor vs FerencvárosiHSenol Gunes Spor
8803 Nov 2022 17:45Monaco vs Crvena zvezdaHStade Louis II
8903 Nov 2022 20:00Arsenal vs ZurichAEmirates Stadium
9003 Nov 2022 20:00Bodo-Glimt vs PSVAAspmyra
9103 Nov 2022 20:00Dynamo Kyiv vs FenerbahceBCracovia Stadium
9203 Nov 2022 20:00Rennes vs AEK LarnacaBRoazhon Park
9303 Nov 2022 20:00Roma vs LudogoretsCStadio Olimpico
9403 Nov 2022 20:00Betis vs HJKCEstadio Benito
9503 Nov 2022 20:00St Gilloise vs Union BerlinDDen Dreef
9603 Nov 2022 20:00Braga vs MalmoDMunicipal de Braga

Europa League 2022-23 - League of Champions

The UEFA Cup, formerly known as the Intercity Fairs Cup, was a European football competition held from 1955 to 1971. The competition grew from 11 teams in the first edition to 64 in the final edition. In 1970-71, it was abolished and replaced with the UEFA Cup, a new seasonal federation championship with different rules, formats and a disciplinary committee. The European Cup was held for the first time in the 1971-72 season and ended in the England final between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur, where Tottenham won the first title. Since then, the competition has created more prestige and media attention than the Expo Cup. The title was retained by another English club, Liverpool, in 1973, which defeated Borussia Moenchengladbach in the final. Gladbach won the competition in 1975 and 1979, and reached the final again in 1980. Feyenoord won the title in 1974 after beating Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 on aggregate. Liverpool won the league for the second time in 1976 after defeating Club Brugge in the final. During the 1980s, Gothenburg and Real Madrid won the championship twice, with Anderlecht reaching the finals upstream, winning in 1983 and losing to Tottenham Hotspur in 1984. 1989 saw the dominance of Italian clubs, when Diego Maradona's Napoli won over Stuttgart. The nineties began with two Italian finals, and in 1992, Torino lost to Ajax in the final due to the away goals rule. Juventus won the league for the third time in 1993, and Inter Milan retained the cup in Italy the following year. 1995 saw his third Italian final, as Parma proved their consistency, after two consecutive Champions League finals. The only final without an Italian this decade was in 1996. Inter reached the final over the next two years, losing to Schalke 04 on penalties, winning another all-Italian final in 1998, and winning the cup for the third time in just eight years. Parma won the cup in 1999, ending the era of Italian dominance. Fortunately, this was the last European Cup/European League final for an Italian club until Inter Milan reached the 2020 final.

The European Cup, also known as the European Cup, is a trophy awarded annually by the European Union to the football club that has won the European League. Prior to the 2009-10 season, the competition and the trophy was known as the "European Cup". Prior to changing the competition's name to the UEFA Europa League for the 2009-2010 season, European Union regulations stipulated that a club could keep the original trophy for one year before returning it to the European Union. After his return, the club can keep a replica of the original trophy on a scale of 4/5. In a third win in a row or a fifth win overall, the club can retain the title permanently. However, under the new rules, the cup remains under UEFA's administration. Each contest winner will receive a life-size simulation trophy. In addition, a club that has won three consecutive times or a total of five times will receive a multi-winners badge. Since 2016-17, only Seville has had the honor of wearing so many badges of winners, after fulfilling two prerequisites in 2016. The trophy was designed and manufactured by Silvio Gazzaniga, the author of the FIFA World Cup, working for Bertone, in the 1972 UEFA Cup Final. It weighs 15 kilograms and is silver in color on a yellow marble background. With a height of 67 cm, the cup consists of a base with two onyx discs, which are attached to a ribbon with the flags of the member states of the European Football Association. The lower part of the statue represents stylized female female instrumentalists and is surrounded by a hand-carved plaque.

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