Complete FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures dates, time, venue - Indian Standard Time

Get complete FIFA world cup 2022 Fixtures dates, time, venues as per Indian (UTC +05:30) Standard Time for easy understanding for the Indian Football fans.
FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures

FIFA World Cup Fixtures 2022 - Indian Standard Time


Date & Time



Qatar vs Ecuador20-11-2022 21:30AAl Bayt Stadium
Senegal vs Netherlands21-11-2022 15:30AAl Thumama Stadium
England vs Iran21-11-2022 18:30BKhalifa Int Stadium
USA vs Wales22-11-2022 00:30BAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia22-11-2022 15:30CLusail Stadium
Denmark vs Tunisia22-11-2022 18:30DEdu City Stadium
Mexico vs Poland22-11-2022 21:30CStadium 974
France vs Australia23-11-2022 00:30DAl Janoub Stadium
Morocco vs Croatia23-11-2022 15:30FAl Bayt Stadium
Germany vs Japan23-11-2022 18:30EKhalifa Int Stadium
Spain vs Costa Rica23-11-2022 21:30EAl Thumama Stadium
Belgium vs Canada24-11-2022 00:30FAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Switzerland vs Cameroon24-11-2022 15:30GAl Janoub Stadium
Uruguay vs Korea Republic24-11-2022 18:30HEdu City Stadium
Portugal vs Ghana24-11-2022 21:30HStadium 974
Brazil vs Serbia25-11-2022 00:30GLusail Stadium
Wales vs Iran25-11-2022 15:30BAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Qatar vs Senegal25-11-2022 18:30AAl Thumama Stadium
Netherlands vs Ecuador25-11-2022 21:30AKhalifa Int Stadium
England vs USA26-11-2022 00:30BAl Bayt Stadium
Tunisia vs Australia26-11-2022 15:30DAl Janoub Stadium
Poland vs Saudi Arabia26-11-2022 18:30CEdu City Stadium
France vs Denmark26-11-2022 21:30DStadium 974
Argentina vs Mexico27-11-2022 00:30CLusail Stadium
Japan vs Costa Rica27-11-2022 15:30EAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Belgium vs Morocco27-11-2022 18:30FAl Thumama Stadium
Croatia vs Canada27-11-2022 21:30FKhalifa Int Stadium
Spain vs Germany28-11-2022 00:30EAl Bayt Stadium
Cameroon vs Serbia28-11-2022 15:30GAl Janoub Stadium
Korea Republic vs Ghana28-11-2022 18:30HEdu City Stadium
Brazil vs Switzerland28-11-2022 21:30GStadium 974
Portugal vs Uruguay29-11-2022 00:30HLusail Stadium
Ecuador vs Senegal29-11-2022 20:30AKhalifa Int Stadium
Netherlands vs Qatar29-11-2022 20:30AAl Bayt Stadium
Wales vs England30-11-2022 00:30BAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Iran vs USA30-11-2022 00:30BAl Thumama Stadium
Australia vs Denmark30-11-2022 20:30DAl Janoub Stadium
Tunisia vs France30-11-2022 20:30DEdu City Stadium
Poland vs Argentina01-12-2022 00:30CStadium 974
Saudi Arabia vs Mexico01-12-2022 00:30CLusail Stadium
Croatia vs Belgium01-12-2022 20:30FAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
Canada vs Morocco01-12-2022 20:30FAl Thumama Stadium
Japan vs Spain02-12-2022 00:30EKhalifa Int Stadium
Costa Rica vs Germany02-12-2022 00:30EAl Bayt Stadium
Ghana vs Uruguay02-12-2022 20:30HAl Janoub Stadium
Korea Republic vs Portugal02-12-2022 20:30HEdu City Stadium
Serbia vs Switzerland03-12-2022 00:30GStadium 974
Cameroon vs Brazil03-12-2022 00:30GLusail Stadium
1A vs 2B03-12-2022 20:30Round of 16Khalifa Int Stadium
1C vs 2D04-12-2022 00:30Round of 16AB Ali Stadium
1D vs 2C04-12-2022 20:30Round of 16Al Thumama Stadium
1B vs 2A05-12-2022 00:30Round of 16Al Bayt Stadium
1E vs 2F05-12-2022 20:30Round of 16Al Janoub Stadium
1G vs 2H06-12-2022 00:30Round of 16Stadium 974
1F vs 2E06-12-2022 20:30Round of 16Edu City Stadium
1H vs 2G07-12-2022 00:30Round of 16Lusail Stadium
TBA vs TBA09-12-2022 20:30QuarterfinalsEdu City Stadium
TBA vs TBA10-12-2022 00:30QuarterfinalsLusail Stadium
TBA vs TBA10-12-2022 20:30QuarterfinalsAl Thumama Stadium
TBA vs TBA11-12-2022 00:30QuarterfinalsAl Bayt Stadium
TBA vs TBA14-12-2022 00:30Semi FinalsLusail Stadium
TBA vs TBA15-12-2022 00:30Semi FinalsAl Bayt Stadium
TBA vs TBA17-12-2022 20:303rd PlaceKhalifa Int Stadium
TBA vs TBA18-12-2022 20:30FinalsLusail Stadium

Some of Important FIFA World Cup Information:

FIFA’s commercial partners and sponsors of the 2022 World Cup should all press the global football association and the Qatar government to provide compensation and other treatment to the immigrant employee and their families who suffered death or injury, wage theft or debt from illegal employment fees while preparing the tournament, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and FairSquare said on 20th September 2022.

The call comes as a new global opinion poll commissioned by Amnesty International shows that 2/3 or 66 percent of those surveyed, and 72% of those likely to watch at least one FIFA World Cup match, said that FIFA’s commercial partners and sponsors should publicly call on FIFA to compensate a migrant employee who suffered while preparing the World Cup in Qatar.

In July, the 3 human rights corporations wrote to FIFA’s 14 commercial partners and World Cup sponsors urging them to call on the football body to remedy abuses of migrant workers linked to preparations for the FIFA World Cup. Afterward, four commercial partners of them, AB InBev/Budweiser, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s, have stated their support for such financial compensation. Ten other sponsors have offered no public support and have not acknowledged to written requests to discuss tournament-related abuses. Here is the list of those companies: Visa, Hyundai-Kia, Wanda Group, Qatar Energy, Qatar Airways, Vivo, Hisense, Mengniu, Crypto, and Byju’s.

Minky Worden who is the director of global initiatives at Human Rights Watch said that “Brands buy rights to sponsor the Football World Cup because they want to be associated with joy, fair competition, and spectacular human achievement on the playing field, not rampant wage theft and the deaths of workers who made the Football World Cup possible,”.

Rules to visit Qatar during FIFA World Cup

Qatar authorities in Qatar have announced entry and exit rules and regulations to and from the Qatar during the Football World Cup, including the suspension of entry for visitors effective from 1st Nov 2022. Col. Jassim Al Sayed, Executive Director, Office of the Commander of the Tournament Security Operations, explained that Hayya Card holders will be allowed to enter Qatar during this time period. Hayya Card holders can also stay in Qatar till 23 Jan 2023. The Hayya Card is a Fan ID issued by the Govt. of Qatar for Football fans along with match tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Brig. Abdulla Khalifa Al-Muftah, Director of Public Relations Dept and head of Media Unit, Security Committee, said that entry for anyone without the Hayya Card to the country through its air, land and sea borders will be suspended until 23rd Dec 2022. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will starts from November 20 to December 18 with hosts Qatar taking on Ecuador in the opening match. FIFA says that 2.45 million of the three million tickets have been sold and that a final round of online ticket sales will be held later this month [September].

This decision, however, will not affect exempted categories such as Qatari citizens, residents and GCC citizens holding any of the Qatar Identity cards, holders of personal visas and work entry permissions, as well as some other approved humanitarian cases. The Ministry of Interior called on all to abide by the laws and rules and regulations issued regarding this and not to violate them in order to ensure the successful completion of the Football World Cup event 2022. Qatar will become the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup, which is the biggest sporting spectacle on the earth.

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