Complete FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures dates, time, venue - Qatar Time Zone

Get complete FIFA world cup 2022 Fixtures dates, time, venues as per Qatar (UTC +03:00) Time Zone for easy understanding of local time zone.
FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures

FIFA World Cup Fixtures 2022 - Qatar Time Zone


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Qatar vs Ecuador20-11-2022 19:00AAl Bayt Stadium
Senegal vs Netherlands21-11-2022 13:00AAl Thumama Stadium
England vs Iran21-11-2022 16:00BKhalifa Int Stadium
USA vs Wales21-11-2022 22:00BAB Ali Stadium
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia22-11-2022 13:00CLusail Stadium
Denmark vs Tunisia22-11-2022 16:00DEdu City Stadium
Mexico vs Poland22-11-2022 19:00CStadium 974
France vs Australia22-11-2022 22:00DAl Janoub Stadium
Morocco vs Croatia23-11-2022 13:00FAl Bayt Stadium
Germany vs Japan23-11-2022 16:00EKhalifa Int Stadium
Spain vs Costa Rica23-11-2022 19:00EAl Thumama Stadium
Belgium vs Canada23-11-2022 22:00FAB Ali Stadium
Switzerland vs Cameroon24-11-2022 13:00GAl Janoub Stadium
Uruguay vs Korea Republic24-11-2022 16:00HEdu City Stadium
Portugal vs Ghana24-11-2022 19:00HStadium 974
Brazil vs Serbia24-11-2022 22:00GLusail Stadium
Wales vs Iran25-11-2022 13:00BAB Ali Stadium
Qatar vs Senegal25-11-2022 16:00AAl Thumama Stadium
Netherlands vs Ecuador25-11-2022 19:00AKhalifa Int Stadium
England vs USA25-11-2022 22:00BAl Bayt Stadium
Tunisia vs Australia26-11-2022 13:00DAl Janoub Stadium
Poland vs Saudi Arabia26-11-2022 16:00CEdu City Stadium
France vs Denmark26-11-2022 19:00DStadium 974
Argentina vs Mexico26-11-2022 22:00CLusail Stadium
Japan vs Costa Rica27-11-2022 13:00EAB Ali Stadium
Belgium vs Morocco27-11-2022 16:00FAl Thumama Stadium
Croatia vs Canada27-11-2022 19:00FKhalifa Int Stadium
Spain vs Germany27-11-2022 22:00EAl Bayt Stadium
Cameroon vs Serbia28-11-2022 13:00GAl Janoub Stadium
Korea Republic vs Ghana28-11-2022 16:00HEdu City Stadium
Brazil vs Switzerland28-11-2022 19:00GStadium 974
Portugal vs Uruguay28-11-2022 22:00HLusail Stadium
Ecuador vs Senegal29-11-2022 18:00AKhalifa Int Stadium
Netherlands vs Qatar29-11-2022 18:00AAl Bayt Stadium
Wales vs England29-11-2022 22:00BAB Ali Stadium
Iran vs USA29-11-2022 22:00BAl Thumama Stadium
Australia vs Denmark30-11-2022 18:00DAl Janoub Stadium
Tunisia vs France30-11-2022 18:00DEdu City Stadium
Poland vs Argentina30-11-2022 22:00CStadium 974
Saudi Arabia vs Mexico30-11-2022 22:00CLusail Stadium
Croatia vs Belgium01-12-2022 18:00FAB Ali Stadium
Canada vs Morocco01-12-2022 18:00FAl Thumama Stadium
Japan vs Spain01-12-2022 22:00EKhalifa Int Stadium
Costa Rica vs Germany01-12-2022 22:00EAl Bayt Stadium
Ghana vs Uruguay02-12-2022 18:00HAl Janoub Stadium
Korea Republic vs Portugal02-12-2022 18:00HEdu City Stadium
Serbia vs Switzerland02-12-2022 22:00GStadium 974
Cameroon vs Brazil02-12-2022 22:00GLusail Stadium
1A vs 2B03-12-2022 18:00Round of 16Khalifa Int Stadium
1C vs 2D03-12-2022 22:00Round of 16AB Ali Stadium
1D vs 2C04-12-2022 18:00Round of 16Al Thumama Stadium
1B vs 2A04-12-2022 22:00Round of 16Al Bayt Stadium
1E vs 2F05-12-2022 18:00Round of 16Al Janoub Stadium
1G vs 2H05-12-2022 22:00Round of 16Stadium 974
1F vs 2E06-12-2022 18:00Round of 16Edu City Stadium
1H vs 2G06-12-2022 22:00Round of 16Lusail Stadium
TBA vs TBA09-12-2022 18:00QuarterfinalsEdu City Stadium
TBA vs TBA09-12-2022 22:00QuarterfinalsLusail Stadium
TBA vs TBA10-12-2022 18:00QuarterfinalsAl Thumama Stadium
TBA vs TBA10-12-2022 22:00QuarterfinalsAl Bayt Stadium
TBA vs TBA13-12-2022 22:00Semi FinalsLusail Stadium
TBA vs TBA14-12-2022 22:00Semi FinalsAl Bayt Stadium
TBA vs TBA17-12-2022 18:003rd PlaceKhalifa Int Stadium
TBA vs TBA18-12-2022 18:00FinalsLusail Stadium
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